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Book Club - La Brea Bakery

Book Club will be on the third Wednesday, February 20 at the La Brea Bakery at 11a.m. The address is 468 S. La Brea, La Ca 90036.  It’s on the corner of 6th St and La Brea.  There is free valet parking in the alley in the back.

We have chosen acclaimed Barbara Kingsolver’s new book “Unsheltered”.   The New York Times states: Trump is just the latest threat to Earth’s survival” according to Kingsolver who also writes “He’s “the Bullhorn,” the tyrant who promises to restore the old order,” the “billionaire running for president who’s never lifted a finger,” the candidate who brags that “he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and people would still vote for him.” He’s the animal spirit of a political movement that’s draining the middle class, breaking the joists of civil society and pushing the planet toward ecological calamity.”