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Every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.


church location

Our church is at 2936 W 8th Street, near Vermont Avenue and a short walk from the Wilshire/Vermont Metro Station.

we welcome you

Unitarian Universalism is a free faith. Our religious goal is to help each person walk their personal spiritual journey, using their own direct experience of the transcendent as their primary guide. The center of our congregation is not a belief statement but a set of values. All persons eager to explore their spirituality, care for others and the world we share, and to help build lives of joy and a world of love, peace, and justice, are welcome here.

We welcome visitors. After every service we serve lunch and will be available to answer questions at our visitors table.

Our mission 

First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles is a bi-lingual faith community which honors and promotes diversity, seeks to establish economic and social justice for the church’s neighborhood and the world, and to strengthen the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social growth of its members.

our vision

The First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles is:

A Spiritual Community. First Unitarian members come to church for spiritual growth (our UU third principle) through worship, education, fellowship, and activism, in connection with our UU faith. First Unitarian is a model for the larger UU world of a thriving, diverse, urban congregation.

A Neighborhood Partner. First Unitarian serves the local neighborhood with programs designed to meet physical, educational, cultural and spiritual needs. Our neighbors see our steeple as the center of their neighborhood.

A UU Cathedral. First Unitarian is a shared resource of the Unitarian Universalist faith in the greater Los Angeles area. When Unitarian Universalists seek to work together on issues that are bigger than a single church they use the facilities of the largest, oldest and most centrally-located church: First Unitarian.

A Justice Center. First Unitarian rents space in our building to non-profit organizations that further our goal of creating a “world community of peace, liberty, and justice for all” (our UU sixth principle). First Unitarian is known as the headquarters for human rights activism in Los Angeles.